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Interior & Exterior Painters with Alliance Painting & Decorating Inc.

For Commercial, & residential house painting call: (916) 804-8806 Your premier painting contractors for the greater Elk Grove,

& Sacramento, California areas. Quality cabinet refinishing & house painting with experienced painters! Dry-rot repairs,

siding installation, deck rebuilding, Carpentry repairs and more! Licensed bonded and insured.

Blog for your thoughts

Blog for your thoughts

Expressed Warranty for Alliance Painting & Decor Inc.

Posted by Alliance Painting & Decorating Inc. on 10 January, 2015 at 0:55

Expressed Warranty from Alliance Painting & Décor’ Inc. Our warranty is for workmanship, craftsmanship, and protects the receiver of our painting services for the reasons & items listed in the body of this document. It also includes what it does not include, Although we will always go out to our past jobs when a customer requests our presence up and to 10 years to help identify any problems and help to create any solutions. We will return to the job if there is an anomaly or failure due to, craftsmanship, workmanship, or product failure. The original specifications, manufactures instructions, and scope of work will be reviewed & scrutinized by us to see if any steps should be taken further to repair the failed area or areas. Thereafter, we will try to find a way to improve our steps or when we re-visit these steps taken we shall in fact make the repairs for the areas involved that are failing. For example: If there is a peeling area on a wood window trim that seems to be peeling due to tradesman error, workmanship, lack of prep as noted in our proposal or contract’s scope then we will repaint the area involved and take any steps needed to improve that said area if there is failure, but only for that said area. Warranties are prorated based on the area of failure only. Paint coatings used can only be warrantied based on the expressed warranty of the products manufacturer. Our responsibility will be to apply materials according to the manufacturers recommendations. All failure to do such will be at our cost to repair on a prorated basis where failure occurs prior to the natural lifetime of the paint coating. We cannot be responsible for loss of sheen, oxidation, some preexisting or hidden substrate failures, and fading over time when exposed to weather anywhere above and beyond the expressed warranty of the manufacturer. We offer 3 year, 5 year, 7 year, and 10 - year warranties. Some warranties will also include the manufacturers written warranty and must be inspected by the manufacturers representative before, during, and after the work is being accomplished when the coating work warrants such a need. Alliance Painting & Décor’ Inc. will always come back to observe, and review the job even if the failure is due to mechanical failure or any other reason that a paint failure may occur above and beyond a lack of craftsmanship, or product failure such as extreme weather conditions, fire, accidents, graffiti, abuse, or similar to give technical assistance. Your loss is our loss. At times, even if it has been determined it is not our failure we will repair the damaged area at a T & M basis. Be assured that we fully intend to do all our jobs correctly based on standards in the industry and our experience in the coatings industry for the past 35 years. We truly wish to back up our work and keep our customers satisfied now and into the future no matter how long your expressed warranty is with us. Thank you, Todd R. Minner – CEO Alliance Painting & Décor’ Inc.

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