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Interior & Exterior Painters with Alliance Painting & Decorating Inc.

For Commercial, & residential house painting call: (916) 804-8806 Your premier painting contractors for the greater Elk Grove,

& Sacramento, California areas. Quality cabinet refinishing & house painting with experienced painters! Dry-rot repairs,

siding installation, deck rebuilding, Carpentry repairs and more! Licensed bonded and insured.

2016 Rules of Employment for Alliance Painting & Decorating Inc.

1. Everyone must have a valid driver?s license or legal valid ID.

2. You must provide social security number or EIN number if you are a valid licensed contractor.

3. Must provide references with phone numbers

4. If it is to be a 1099 contract subcontractor per job then must have an up to date legal contractor?s license. Provide number and proof. It will be verified online with the State License Registrar.

5. No drinking alcoholic beverages during working hours. Safety first so Zero Tolerance.

6. No Illegal use of any drugs. Safety first so Zero Tolerance. May need to and be willing to submit to a drug test. No use of drugs at anytime if it inhibits your ability to work safely.

7. Safety rules to be observed, respected, and encouraged by all employees.

8. Must supply all needed information for Payroll service to use for legal payroll and tax withholding

9. Possible employees must handle their own legal, child support issues, or other possible withholding issues so the above mentioned rules can be respected, enforced, and implemented.

10. This employer has at will rights to terminate employment if for any reason the above rules cannot be met. We are in an "at will," state.

11. A time to comply may be allowed based on individual circumstances and needs discussed with management and or Ownership.

12. Many of these rules have been implemented due to meetings with legal advisers, CPA accountants, and being made aware of standard business procedures and new rules for the State of California in 2015/16.

13. More may be added to this list as we become more educated, informed, or directed by government officials, EDD, IRS, and or other legal entities we should comply with.

14. No harming another employee. No physical fighting, verbal insults, discrimination of human rights, abusive angry loud outbursts on the job or during safety meetings. All disagreements to be settled professionally, privately, and or taken to management to help with conflict resolution between members of our overall team.

15. Anyone not following standard safety procedures, protocols, or not saying anything to another employee or management when they are not being adhered to will be subject to corporate standard discipline up and to termination of employment.

16. You must text your start time and ending time via a phone that can text each day. Other time reports may be required. The labor law allows 2 - 10 minute breaks that are paid breaks each day, and an unpaid lunch of at least up to 30 minutes.

Thank you,

Todd R. Minner - CEO

Alliance Painting & Decorating Inc.

We learn from our mistakes

Please feel free to call, or write if you have any questions, concerns, or clarifications you would like to discuss

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"They did a fine job painting my house and worked with me on colors and continued to follow up on all the things I wanted."

Anne Sedgwick

Real Estate

"Alliance Painting has earned my business through excellence in their trade and professionalism. I will continue to contract with them in the future."

Mike Sherman

Owner - Woodcraft Fine Carpentry

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